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The Administrative Support Specialist

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Office Tutor offers a uniquely flexible, consistently helpful support service.
We apply an "efficiency in quality" approach to help when you need it most.

We have experience in providing effective help to multiple business categories:

We can help you right away. Our experience ensures that regardless of your business type or office atmosphere we can be effective, while improving your efficiency almost immediately, for as long as you need. We have outstanding filing, phone, software, documentation and customer service skills.

We offer excellent rates and will show you how to save money.

We have education & deep background in Industrial Engineering:

We can apply efficiency analysis to almost any type of work or process. We can show you how to do it better, faster, easier. We have experience in mass production, OEM, one-off production and office administration.

We have education in Mechanical Engineering & have applied it to Project Management:

We can help your project manager with all those tasks that he or she views as a nuisance when under pressure, but always wishes had been done better when wrapping up their projects.

We have education & extensive experience with Business Software Applications:

We know how to use the software you already own. We would like to show you how to get the most out of it by respecting your time. We will offer only what you need to know and are happy to learn.